ldap.conf - Proxmox Mail Gateway LDAP Configuration




The file /etc/pmg/ldap.conf contains the LDAP configuration.

File Format

The file is divided into a section for each LDAP profile. Each section has the following format:

ldap: NAME
         OPTION value

Blank lines in the file separates sections, and lines starting with a # character are treated as comments and are also ignored.


accountattr: <string> (default = sAMAccountName, uid)

Account attribute name name.

basedn: <string>

Base domain name.

binddn: <string>

Bind domain name.

bindpw: <string>

Bind password.

cafile: <string>

Path to CA file. Only useful with option verify

comment: <string>


disable: <boolean>

Flag to disable/deactivate the entry.

filter: <string>

LDAP filter.

groupbasedn: <string>

Base domain name for groups.

groupclass: <string> (default = group, univentionGroup, ipausergroup)

List of objectclasses for groups.

mailattr: <string> (default = mail, userPrincipalName, proxyAddresses, othermailbox, mailAlternativeAddress)

List of mail attribute names.

mode: <ldap | ldap+starttls | ldaps> (default = ldap)

LDAP protocol mode (ldap, ldaps or ldap+starttls).

port: <integer> (1 - 65535)

Specify the port to connect to.

profile: <string>

Profile ID.

server1: <string>

Server address.

server2: <string>

Fallback server address. Userd when the first server is not available.

verify: <boolean> (default = 0)

Verify server certificate. Only useful with ldaps or ldap+starttls.

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