pmgdb - Proxmox Mail Gateway Database Management Toolkit



pmgdb delete

Delete PMG rule database.

pmgdb dump

Print the PMG rule database.

pmgdb help [OPTIONS]

Get help about specified command.

--extra-args <array>

Shows help for a specific command

--verbose <boolean>

Verbose output format.

pmgdb init [OPTIONS]

Initialize/Upgrade the PMG rule database.

--force <boolean> (default = 0)

Delete existing database.

--statistics <boolean> (default = 0)

Reset and update statistic database.

pmgdb reset

Reset PMG rule database back to factory defaults.

pmgdb update

Update the PMG statistic database.


The pmgdb toolkit is used to simplify common database management tasks. It is primarily used internally to create and initialize the default database. You can also use it to reset the filter rules to factory defaults:

pmgdb reset

Or you can dump a human-readable copy of the filter rules:

pmgdb dump

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