user.conf - Proxmox Mail Gateway User Configuration




The file /etc/pmg/user.conf contains the user configuration.

File Format

The file has the following format for each user:

# comment


comment: <string>


crypt_pass: \$\d\$[a-zA-Z0-9\.\/]+\$[a-zA-Z0-9\.\/]+

Encrypted password (see man crypt)

email: <string>

Users E-Mail address.

enable: <boolean> (default = 0)

Flag to enable or disable the account.

expire: <integer> (0 - N) (default = 0)

Account expiration date (seconds since epoch). 0 means no expiration date.

firstname: <string>

First name.

keys: <string>

Keys for two factor auth (yubico).

lastname: <string>

Last name.

password: <string>


role: <admin | audit | helpdesk | qmanager | root>

User role. Role root is reserved for the Unix Superuser.

userid: <string>

User ID

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