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Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1

Released 27.11.2019

  • Based on Debian Buster (10.2)
    • Proxmox Mail Gateway is based on the latest stable release of Debian 10.2 (Buster).
  • Updated SpamAssassin rules
  • Kernel 5.3
    • Proxmox Mail Gateway shares the kernel with Proxmox VE and is based on the 5.3 series from Ubuntu 19.10
  • DKIM-Signing
    • Support for adding DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signatures (RFC 6376) to outbound emails
    • Configuration via GUI
    • Signing happens after processing the email with the rule system, thus ensuring that it leaves the Proxmox Mail Gateway with a valid signature
    • Flexible control of which domains should get signed with sensible defaults (the relay domains)
    • Inside a cluster, one common selector minimizes the overhead for adding required DNS entries
  • Attachment Quarantine
    • The Remove Attachments action can now optionally deliver the complete email to the Attachment Quarantine
    • The Attachment Quarantine offers a comfortable GUI for selectively downloading parts of the email for further analysis, or delivering the mail to the original recipient
    • Accessible only by the administrators, it offers safety from accidentally open malicious executables, doc-files, and other attachments infected with malware
  • Adjustable SpamAssassin Rule Scores via GUI
    • Adapt the scores of individual SpamAssassin rules directly in the GUI
    • Enables you to adapt the scoring to your environment, thus achieving better ham/spam detection rates
    • Mostly for adding a bit of weight to rules, which are good indicators for Spam in your environment
    • Selectively disable Rules, which cause false positives for your environment
  • Improved handling of Configuration and Rule changes in clustered environments
    • The Filtering Engine gets notified about a range of configuration changes which require a reload
    • The notification is propagated during the cluster sync
    • This reduces the situations where you had to manually restart pmg-smtp-filter
  • Experimental Support for Before Queue filtering
    • Proxmox Mail Gateway can now optionally reject an email during the SMTP dialogue, instead of accepting it and silently discarding unwanted email
    • This is a requirement in certain situations
    • By answering with a permanent failure code (554), there is no need to generate a Non-Delivery Report, which could cause your system to get blacklisted, due to Backscatter
    • Currently incompatible with the Tracking Center, thus needs to be explicitly enabled in /etc/pmg/pmg.conf

Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.0

Released 27.08.2019

  • Proxmox Mail Gateway is based on the latest stable release of Debian 10.0 (Buster)
  • This major version update provides an easy to follow step-by-step upgrade path -
  • Rule name logging - each final action now logs the name of the rule which triggered it to the system log
  • The system logs get displayed faster in the GUI because they now use the Proxmox `mini-journalreader` instead of `journalctl`
  • ClamAV 0.101.4 (fix for
  • Postgres 11 (new major version backing the rule system)
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1c with support for TLS 1.3
  • Updated shipped SpamAssassin Ruleset
  • Countless bugfixes and improvements in the GUI labels

Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.2

Released 20.03.2019

  • Mobile Quarantine Interface
    • based on the small and modern framework7
    • Deliver/Delete/Whitelist/Blacklist mails in your Quarantine from your mobile device
  • Improvements in the LDAP integration
    • allow the use of FQDNs instead of IPs in the WebUI
    • add support for certificate verification (and enable it for new deployments)
    • add support for LDAP+starttls
  • PMG-Appliance template
    • Install PMG as a (unprivileged) Linux Container (e.g. in PVE)
    • Introduces the new 'proxmox-mailgateway-container' metapackage, which does not depend on a kernel, and results in a vastly reduced size (and fewer updates)
  • Improvements in Logging
    • pmg-smtp-filter now logs each SA-Rules score in addition to the rule names - simplifying the analysis of the spam filter's performance without the need to access the mail's source
  • Improvements in the WebUI's TLS configuration
  • pmgproxy can now be configured via '/etc/default/pmgproxy' to disable/enable certain ciphers, compression, cipher selection preference.
  • new command: `pmg-system-report`
    • Provides a overview of key characteristics of PMG's setup and performance
    • Improves the initial diagnosis for our Enterprise support
  • .eml download from the (non-mobile) Quarantine Interface
    • Lets you download the complete source of a quarantined message in .eml format for further analysis
  • Add support for custom checks
    • Enable users to integrate their own custom check logic by providing a defined interface, which can optionally be enabled, and runs a custom check before the mail gets handed to the virus scanner and rule system.
  • Improvements of Blacklist/Whitelist handling in the Quarantine Interface
    • multiselect for removing multiple entries at once
  • proxmox-spamassassin
    • Update the shipped rulesets
  • PMG-Cluster: full IPv6 support
  • ISO works on Citrix XenServer
  • Documentation available via
  • Bugfixes

Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.1

Released 05.10.2018

  • Allow to configure TLS policy via GUI
  • New 'helpdesk' role
  • Support SMTPUTF8 protocol feature
  • GUI improvements
  • Update Debian Stretch 9.5
  • Update kernel to 4.15
  • Bugfixes

Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.0

Released 23.01.2018

  • Fully licensed under the open source license AGPL
  • Based on Debian Stretch 9.3 with a 4.13.13 kernel
  • ISO installer supports all ZFS raid levels
  • ExtJS based user interface
  • New API
  • Integrated documentation
  • Subscription-based enterprise support options (similar to the Proxmox VE support subscription model)
  • Bug fixes

Old Releases

  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 4.1
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 4.0
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 3.1
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 3.0
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.6
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.5
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.4
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.3
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.2
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.1
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.0
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.7
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.6
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.5
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.4
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.3
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.2
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.1
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway 1.0 (April 2005)